Be like Snow
beautiful, but cold.

I get lost in fictional worlds: Movies, TV Shows, Novels, Comics & Video Games.
I dig: Music, Tattoos, Skateboarding, Archery, Unexplained Phenomena, Outer Space, Aliens, Ghosts, Vampires, Pirates, Super Heroes, Dragons, Medieval, Sour Candy, Make-up & Lingerie. I'm something of a men's facial-hair enthusiast.

I am under no obligation to make sense to you.

♥ Suicide Girl Hopeful ♥
I didn’t realize how badly I was treated until someone started treating me with respect.

there is a huge difference between genuinely liking someone and liking the attention they give you.

people who point out insecurities that people can’t change about themselves

Anna, Alexander & Stephen ♥

Anna, Alexander & Stephen ♥

Is there someone that makes you happy on a level like no other? If so what does it take to do so?

My son. I’m not sure what you mean by “what does it take to do so”. It’s not something someone can force on someone. Certain people make other certain people happy for a number of different reasons. Just be kind, caring, happy and see where that takes you, I suppose. But no one in MY life will ever come close to making me as happy as Kelson does <3 He’s my #1 for life!

Be committed, not attached. But more importantly, know the difference.